VLC Speaker Problem,Might Void your Laptop Warranty!

Use of VLC Media player on laptops will void the speaker warranty, says forums and Facebook posts. I didn't know any thing about such an issue with VLC player till then. However you might have heard some sounds while playing  music or movies at full volume on your laptop for a very long time. I have noticed it once in my ASUS laptop, but i thought it was the problem I was facing. Some say that it is the VLC Sound boost feature, VLC claims that it is a lame excuse from the part of  hardware manufacturers to prevent you from claiming warranties. Lets see if VLC player can actually void your Laptop Warranty.

VLC void speaker warranty laptop

VLC media player lets you increase the sound level massively upto 200% ( of initial volume by using the scroll wheel or by pressing Ctrl+Up on windows. You can further increase the volume by pressing Ctrl+E and slide the bars to the top. I tried this on my spare earphone and when i already reached 200%, i was hearing screeching sound hurting my ears. I also tried sliding the Graphic equalizer to the max, I wasn't hearing any of the music, I had to unplug the earphone before it was destroyed. Yes, At that Volume VLC can destroy your unsupported speakers! 

The bad part is that most laptop manufacturers like HP wont let you claim the warranty for the speakers because you used unsupported software! Here is what I could gather from the VLC forums. A user reported that he couldn't claim warranty on the speakers destroyed by VLC. Obviously VLC can't be blamed completely  because there is no hardware restriction  that limits the audio output after safe limits. 

They told that it was because of VLC. According to them VLC required speakers with 5 amperes of current and the laptop's speakers only supported 3 amperes. And since the problem was caused by using unsupported software, we'll have to shell it out from our own pocket.
Here is the reply from the VLC forum administrator,

Clearly not.This is a stupid excuse from big american brands that don't understand anything at computers.VLC allows you to over-amplify a file (audio above 100%) and that can lead to saturation in the audio output.But, VLC uses all the normal Windows APIs, and sound is output to the speakers through the drivers. The problem of those misdesigned laptops is that the audio drivers are outputting waves that are too strong for the speakers.

So how can you protect the speakers while using VLC Player on your laptop or costly speakers? Make sure that you don't go above 100% of the volume bar and don't use tweaks to increase the sound beyond the safe limit. Please comment below if you had any issue? Did this make VLC your least favorite media player?

Connect PS3 Controller to Android phone or Tablet

Playing games on Android phones and tablets are fun. A time has come where Tablets can beat Consoles when it comes to Gaming. I remember the time when the biggest games on PC were GTA 3 and Max Payne 2. Rockstar Games has done a wonderful job in releasing those games to mobile platforms like Android and iOS. But one of the main reasons that keeps the mobile platform one step behind gaming consoles is the poor game controls. One can't replace a keyboard or a gaming controller with a touch screen! Using touch screen for gaming is not not ergonomic while playing for hours because you need the whole tablet or phone in hand to play the game. Also it can't provide vibration feedback, precision, comfort etc. As of now we can't use a full PC keyboard and Mouse on Android phones or tablets but some like the Asus Transformer has an optional keyboard but, we can use the PS3 Sixaxis Controller to Android. 

Play games android PS3 controller
Sixaxis Controller by Dancing Pixel Studios is an app for android which lets you connect PS3 Bluetooth controller to your phone or tablet easily. The app has tons of features. You can use upto 4  four Sixaxis and DualShock 3 controllers at once. You can use all buttons including the Analog sticks. Supports Keyboard emulation and Mouse emulation as well. 

The app is a paid and not all devices supports it. You should first download the Sixaxis Compatibility Checker app before you should buy the paid app. Your device should be rooted as well. Here are the links to the official instructions on how to proceed and the link to the app.

Optimize WiFi on Android with Better WiFi on/off App

Better WiFi On/Off is an Android application which lets you manage Wifi on your phone by a set of rules. If you haven't noticed before, WiFi is something which drains your battery very quick. Some might claim that WiFi draws less 3G but optimizing WiFi with this app can save even more of your battery life when you are on the go. WiFi On/Off is currently in the Beta stages and there are some bugs which you can live with! This app is free of cost and is ad supported and a paid app for supporting the devs will be released as soon as the app comes out of beta stages. So how does this application lets you save your battery life? 

Better WiFi on Android

This app turns on WiFi when the screen is turned/unlocked and when the device is connected to AC source and switching off WiFi when not in use. Pretty neat, right? You can just lock the screen and WiFi will be turned off instantly. But if you are downloading something, it might use the 3G and might cost you according to your data plan provided by your carrier. So i suggest not using this app while downloading or connect to an AC charger instead. 

Here are some of the features which will be implemented soon according to the developer. Location based rules, Time based rules, Checking of a Internet connection etc. You can also request for more features on the official thread posted after the break. Credits to chamonics, Recognized Dev XDA

Download Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Launcher

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was one one of Google's major releases at Google I/O this year. Jelly Bean was just a minor update to the Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich. But Jelly Bean had everything Google needed to keep Android par with Apple iOS. Google released Google Now which performs better than Siri. Google also enhanced the smoothness of Android UI by releasing project butter. Many other features including Google Ears was released with Jelly Bean. A revamped Google Now, which lets you buy magazines and movies was also something which JB featured. Google Nexus 7 got JB out of the box and Nexus Prime got the JB via OTA. Only a very small percentage of Android phones run ICS. It is obvious that JB won't be available to the masses soon. 

So is it necessary for you to have a high end phone to enjoy Google's new Jelly Bean love? Certainly Not. You can modify your current android version whether it be a Gingerbread by downloading a Launcher. An android launcher can't offer every feature. It maybe even lag but it is something worth trying out. You can get the new new home screen and app drawer by just installing the Launcher. 

Download Jelly Bean Launcher
Download Jelly Bean Go launcher EX theme

The Future of Mobile Gaming

The gaming industry has changed over time to accommodate ever-changing consumer needs. Often this changing need is dictated by technology itself. Popular methods of technology have led consumers to want gaming options on these devices. For instance, current table devices including the iPhone and Android phones are where the majority of gaming occurs for some consumers. 

gaming on phones

In the past couple of years, the number of mobile gamers has increased significantly as newer mobile devices make gaming much more feasible. While in 2010 a little less than half of all gaming was done on mobile devices, estimates predict that this will be 75% by the conclusion of this year. 

Given this trend of mobile gaming, some developers are joining forces to create even more personalized devices for mobile gaming, as shown at the E3 Video Games Convention. The two companies, Sony and HTC, have collaborated to bring both their strengths together to create a perfect device for mobile gaming. As a result, Sony’s Playstation Suite has been developed into a Playstation Mobile version. Sony’s partnership with HTC will permit users of HTC devices to access Playstation Games from Sony. Sony is providing software to HTC to make it possible for their platform to use the games. The partnership stands to benefit both partners. With competition from other phone makers, HTC hopes to offer a product that will capture the attention of many. Additionally, Sony hopes to extend themselves into a different market where they can expand their influence. 

This could have some impact on the world of casino gaming which uses similar devices. If you’re looking for mobile gaming at an online casino, check out the Lucky Nugget Canada site to find the best sites for mobile gaming. You can visit here by going to  www.luckynuggetcasino.com

Bypass Regional Restrictions Using UnoDNS

UnoDNS from UnoTelly is a premium DNS service which replaces your DNS look up to bypass geographic restrictions. UnoDNS is intelligent enough to change your current IP address while the service is active and lets you stream Online TV to your home, bypassing the geographic restrictions set by the websites.

So what is so much special about UnoDNS? UnoDNS is all about the speed and  how easy it is to use it. UnoDNS lets you stream online content from anywhere around the world and still give you the speed unlike a VPN.UnoDNS is running on Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing platform so you can still browse the internet, download without much speed to compromise for. UnoDNS also offers unlimited Bandwidth so that you can stream till your hearts content!

UnoDNS supports a large number of channels. You can view them from herehttp://www.unotelly.com/unodns/channels. Here are some of them.

UnoDNS also supports a variety of platforms including gaming consoles, mobile platforms like Android, iOS etc. UnoDNS setup is really simple. The Customer service is very responsive too. You can sign up for a  8 day gold trial  from here. The setup is really simple. UnoTelly has a very simple guide to get started.If you like their awesome services you can activate a premium or a gold plan with 100% money back guarantee.

Visit UnoTelly

Tunngle Supported Games List

Tunngle is a sort of VPN which allows users to play games online. Tunngle supports a variety of games and include a large number of genres. Tunngle is used by gamers who have pirated version of games and are not allowed to play online by the game manufacturers.We don't encourage piracy in any way. Games should be bought and not downloaded. This is posted for educative purpose only.

games list for tunngle

Tunngle uses LAN mode to bypass restriciton imposed by Game manufacturers .Gamers from around the world can Tunngle to connect to one single network and play with 30,000+ tunnglers. The instructions are very simple as well

Here are the games which are supported by Tunngle

Tunngle games list

Install MIUI on Samsung Galaxy S3

The MIUI ROMs have always provided stunning visuals. The only drawback was that most phones did not get the official ROM and only buggy versions made by other developers where available. But the MIUI developers keeping true to their tradition of making ROMs for the Galaxy phones have also released the MIUI ROM for Samsung's flagship model the Galaxy S3. It is a bit disappointing that this ROM is based on Android ICS 4.0.3 and not Jellybean but then again the official Jellybean update for the S3 has not yet even been released so maybe we can expect a Jellybean ROM later this year. This ROM is only available to be installed on I9300 version and not any other variants of the S3. Without further talking about the ROM let us get to the installation process.
Before beginning make sure you back up your data because in the process you will need to wipe your data from phone memory but not SD Card. If you are not familiar with changing ROMs and stuff please make sure you back up everything on the phone that you will need. For example make sure you have back up of your Network Connection settings to make sure you don't loose access to the internet after installing this ROM on your device.

Before proceeding know that although this ROM is working an tested, it is possible to do some damage to your device. Unlimited Tips is not forcing you to install the ROM and we can't help you if you damage your phone.

Installing MIUI ROM

  1. First make sure you have Clockwork Mod Recovery Installed if you don't head on down to the link and install it.
  2. Now download the MIUI ROM from here.
  3. Now plug in your phone and copy the downloaded .zip file to the internal SD card. Now unplug it and boot into recovery mode. In case you don't know how to do that all you have to do is press the Volume Up, Home and Power Buttons together and hold till the screen goes and comes back on again.
  4. Now select wipe data and confirm it. Then select install zip from SD card and select the zip you copied earlier. To navigate use the Volume keys and Home Button.
  5. Now just wait for the installation to finish and then reboot, that's it.
Congratulations on installing the MIUI ROM on your S3. If you have any doubts about the procedure just drop a comment below.

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