The Future of Mobile Gaming

The gaming industry has changed over time to accommodate ever-changing consumer needs. Often this changing need is dictated by technology itself. Popular methods of technology have led consumers to want gaming options on these devices. For instance, current table devices including the iPhone and Android phones are where the majority of gaming occurs for some consumers. 

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In the past couple of years, the number of mobile gamers has increased significantly as newer mobile devices make gaming much more feasible. While in 2010 a little less than half of all gaming was done on mobile devices, estimates predict that this will be 75% by the conclusion of this year. 

Given this trend of mobile gaming, some developers are joining forces to create even more personalized devices for mobile gaming, as shown at the E3 Video Games Convention. The two companies, Sony and HTC, have collaborated to bring both their strengths together to create a perfect device for mobile gaming. As a result, Sony’s Playstation Suite has been developed into a Playstation Mobile version. Sony’s partnership with HTC will permit users of HTC devices to access Playstation Games from Sony. Sony is providing software to HTC to make it possible for their platform to use the games. The partnership stands to benefit both partners. With competition from other phone makers, HTC hopes to offer a product that will capture the attention of many. Additionally, Sony hopes to extend themselves into a different market where they can expand their influence. 

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Really a good post regarding the future of mobile gaming...I don't have knowledge of creating mobile games but would definitely like to learn creating them..As many people don't get time to play PC games they play games on their mobile phone when they are travelling or whenever they are free. The mobile gaming industry has a very big future.

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