Speed Up BSNL Broadband Connection

Sometimes BSNL Broadband Internet connection gets really slow and you may have to wait for minutes for webpages to load completely. But don't think that this is the maximum speed of BSNL, There are many ways to speed it up!
Speed Up BSNL Broadband Connection

How to speed up BSNL Broadband

1. Change DNS Server
  • Navigate to Control Panel -> Networking and Sharing Center -> Manage Network Connection.
  • Select BSNL Connection -> Right click -> Properties.
  • Double click on Internet Protocol Version(TCP/IPv4) and from the window, select “Use the following DNS Server address”.
  • And type in "" in the first field  and "" in the second.

2. Tweak System.ini file [512 MB+ RAM required]
  • Go to Run and type "MSINFO32.EXE"
  •  Navigate to System Summary > Hardware Resources > IRQs.
  • What the IRQ from NIC and note it down.
  • Again open Run and type in "SYSEDIT.EXE"
  • Expand system.ini file window
  • Find ” 386enh ”
  • Make a blank line by pressing Enter key and type  Irqnumber=4096 (Replace ” number ” with the IRQ number we noted down earlier.)
  • Save it and restart your computer.

3. Search for Viruses and Malwares
Download an antivirus and search for viruses and malwares.

4. Use TCP Optimizer
TCP Optimizer is a software which can increase your broadband bandwidth by tweaking your TCP/IP parameters and thereby increase browsing speed.
Download TCP Optimizer from here.

5. Update your device drivers
Updating your device drivers and using the latest version of your web browser can increase your browsing speed noticeably.

Hope you found these tips useful.

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