Find out who Removed you as a Friend on Facebook

I recently found out a cool extension for your browser which will tell you the one who deleted you from his friends list. It's a cool trick because by default, facebook does't give a notification if some removes you. This extension also tells you about the pending friendship approvals. Here is how to do it. 
who Removed you  on Facebook

  • Download Unfriend Finder extension for your browser from here. This extension is available for Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox. Firefox users should download Greasemonkey to make this extension run.
Unfriends tab in facebook

  • After installing the extension, restart your browser and login to facebook. The Unfriend finder will give you a tour through the different features available. The Unfriend finder can be accessed from the Facebook navigation bar as if it's a part of Facebook itself.

Anyone who removes you from their friend's list will be shown in this menu within days after the removal. 

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