Get Android based Icons for Windows

I personally have never liked the icons provided by Microsoft for Windows. The first thing to do for me after installing Windows 7 was to change at least the desktop icons. And we also have a great Android icon collection for you. Download it from here and follow the instructions below if you don't know how to change the icons.

Get Android Icons for Windows 7

How to change the Computer, User and Recycle Bin icons:

  • Right click on your desktop. Then click "Personalize".
  • A Window will open now and you should be able to see "Change desktop icons".
  • Now just select an icon and click "Change Icon...".
  • Now navigate to your icons directory and select the icons which corresponds to the folders.

To change icons of applications and folders:

  • Right Click the Folder or Application icon.
  • Click Properties. If it is a folder you will be able to see Customize tab. Under it Change Icon option will be there.
  • If it is an application right click and then click properties, the change icon option will be visible under Shortcut tab.

You now have the Android Icons on your Windows desktop!Visit us again or follow us on twitter for the latest tech tips.

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where is the download link?
Please email me so I can download the android icons

May 25, 2012 at 6:06 AM comment-delete
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