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Anyone who has used Facebook for a while has come across CityVille. It is one of the most popular online game in Facebook made by Zynga. If you have played CityVille, you will notice that the thing which annoys you the most is the lack of energy. Energy is the most key factor in CityVille as you need it to do anything and everything! Here is a complete guide on how to get more energy in CityVille.

  • Add a lot of neighbors. This can certainly help because you will get 3 energy points when you visit a neighbor.
  • Let your neighbors do the work! When your neighbors collect the rent and harvest crops for you, you wont lose a single energy. The neighbor will in turn gets a 3energy point when he/she visits your city.
  • Ask your CityVille friends to send you a 3+energy as gift. Its an easy job and the energy can be accessed from the Inventory. You can also buy energy but it will cost you a lot of facebook cash which you should be saving for the future.

  • Try to Level Up as soon as possible. Your energy get replenished each time you increase your level. So try to gain more experience points to level up in CityVille.
  • You will get one energy after each five minutes. Please don't rely on this method because it is time consuming. 

Hope you found these tips useful!

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This tool is your solution.
Download the tool here:
Just download it, run and type your CityVille Account in, then click OK, it will auto send you 50+ energy from 50 fb accs created b4 as gifts.
Hope you like it : )

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