Remove Facebook Questions From News Feed


Facebook recently added Questions feature. It has definitely become popular and so it is not uncommon to end up seeing a News Feed on Facebook which is predominantly just Questions. If are annoyed with this and would like to have the old peaceful and untidy Facebook News Feed back then you have come to the right place.

Whenever there is a new feature on Facebook, there is always a new extension to block it out. This is the case here also. All of you who are using Facebook from Google Chrome can remove questions from the News Feed by just installing this extension.

If you also want to remove notifications from any previous questions that you asked then follow these simple steps:
  • Login to Facebook. Now that you are logged in visit this link or click Account> Account Settings> Notifications.
  • Then un-check all options under Questions if any are checked.
That's it now you are completely free from a cluttered News Feed. Subscribe to our RSS Feed for more tips.

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