Add Widgets and Shortcuts to Android Lock Screen

Launching Apps and having cool widgets on the home screen is one of the most loved feature of Android and one of the feature which iOS lacks. But the Android lock screen does not support any widgets or shortcuts and cannot be used to launch any application without going into the home screen.

One of the senior members of XDA Developers, FireZenk has come up with an app, Generic Widget Lock screen which lets you add widgets or shortcuts to your lock screen. This app is currently in the beta stage and I experienced a few problems on my Galaxy S. However such small bugs can be avoided for now.

add widgets to lockscreen on android

After Installing the app, open the app and click "Enable". Now your lock screen will be replaced by a new lock screen like the one shown below.

To add widgets to the lock screen, hold your finger on the lock screen and select the widgets you like to add. Don't forget to add the GWL Unlock Button from the widgets list. It lets you unlock the lock screen. However you can hold the home screen button to exit the home screen.

Download it from here.

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