How to Overclock HP TouchPad Web OS 3.0

HP TouchPad was one of the least popular tablets in the market. HP has already buried Web OS which was the OS they used in the TouchPad. HP has also stopped the production of TouchPad. The HP TouchPad has a  1.2Ghz dual core Scorpion processor. However HP TouchPad is not as smooth as expected. Senior member of XDA Developers, amirborna has found a way to overclock HP TouchPad running Web OS 3.0 to about blazing fast 1.9Ghz! 

How to Overclock HP TouchPad Web OS 3.0

According to amirborna, Overclocking HP TouchPad Web OS 3.0 has no severe effects on the battery backup, does not overlap heat your device. TouchPad will also become more smoother and faster than ever. 
Note: We are not responsible for any damages this might cause to your device. Do it at your own risk.

How to Overclock HP TouchPad Web OS 3.0

  • Check whether your device has the latest WebOS version, 3.0.2. You can check it by navigating to menu-> settings-> System Updates. Update to the latest firmware if it is not so.
  • Connect your HP touchpad via USB and do not activate "USB Drive"and mode.
  • Go to the main screen on your touchpad and type "webos20090606" and click ON to turn it on.Do not enter anything when it ask for the password. Leave it blank.
  • Install HP webOS Quick Install on your computer from this link.
  • Run HP webOS Quick Install you just installed and check whether it has recognized your device.See the image below.

How to Overclock HP TouchPad Web OS 3.0

  • Click the Globe Icon on the WebOS Quick Install on your computer and search for "PREWARE" on the application list and click "install".
  • Now on your Touchpad, go to applications menu and search for "PREWARE" on the downloads tab.
  • Open it and choose "Manage feeds" from the drop down menu. Then select "News Feed".
  • Add the name and URL exactly the way it's written below.
    Name: webos-testing-all

  • Make sure that you have typed everything correctly. Then click "Add Feed". It may ask you a disclaimer.

There is one more feed you want to add.
Name: webos-testing-armv7

  • After adding the two feeds, go to the main page of PREWARE app and click "List Everything" from the main menu options.
  • Now search for "Govnah" and install it. After installing Govnah, restart your device.
  • After the restart reopen the PREWARE and another feed.
Name: webos-kernels-testing

  • Click "add feed". It may display the disclaimer again. Now you need to restart your device again before doing anything else.
  • After restart, go to the PREWARE app, from the left pane, click "Update Feeds". Now PREWARE will update the feeds. 
  • If you encountered any errors, you might have made some mistake in the URL or did not immediately restart after adding a new feed
  • After the update, from the main menu of PREWARE, click "List everything" find F15C Eagle (Touchpad). Install this kernel and restart your device as soon as the installation is complete.
Your HP TouchPad is now overclocked to 1.7Ghz!

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