Siri like Apps for Android Phones

Siri is a sort of Artificial Intelligence application made by Apple that answers all your queries with answers that makes you wonder if it is a real human being! Siri answers all your questions and gives funny answers for weird questions that you ask! Siri was featured in iPhone 4S which became one of the best selling phones in Smartphone history. Siri was indeed one of the  reasons behind this success.

As an Android user and a loyal fan I can say that Siri was a copy and modified version of Google Voice! Google Voice feature of android doesn't answer your questions but lets you type messages and place calls using your voice. Samsung Galaxy S2, initially came up with this idea and featured an app for this purpose. But most Android Phones doesn't come with this feature except Google Voice. Lets take a look at the Siri like apps for Android.

Siri like Apps for Android

Siri Alternatives for Android

1. Speaktoit Assistant

Speaktoit Assistant is a virtual assistant which answer questions, find information, launch apps and connect you with various web services, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare etc. You can also make it do simple math calculations. It is still in the beta phase and has a lot of potential in the future. It also allows you to select from a variety of assistants which includes blonde girl, brunette girl, handsome agent or old professor.. You don't have to memorize any commands because you can talk to it as if it is a human. You can also type to it through the text box and the assistant will answer your questions with different facial expressions! The only bad thing is that you will need an internet connection to do all these!

2. Vlingo Virtual Assistant

Vlingo is the most popular and most powerful virtual assistant for android. Vlingo can use your voice to send texts and emails, search the web, dial numbers, get directions on the map, find places, update status on Facebook Twitter, open other apps. The best part of this app is the Car mode which lets you activate Voice recognition by using the command "Hey Vlingo". Vlingo recognizes your voice easily but you will need an internet connection to use this app. 

             Vlingo for AndroidSiri like app

Download Vlingo Virtual Assistant

3. Iris

Iris is a "Siri" spelled in the reverse order. It is also a Siri inspired app which lets you call, text, search and look up for a contact. I personally didn't like the way it responds to our speech as it gives definition for everything we say. Its still in the alpha phase. 

 Iris on Android    

Download Iris

4. Edwin Speech-to-speech

Edwin is a similar voice assistant to the above mentioned ones. You can ask Edwin about the weather, make calls, SMS, tweet, do math, use wolfram alpha and to get directions on the map.


Android also has a default application which does some of the awesome things that these apps can do. Therefore I didn't include it in this list.We can hope for more Siri like apps for Android in the future. Drop in your views about these Siri like apps as comments below!

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Nice post. I think "speaktoit" is the best app for androids and the right Siri-alternative!

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Thanks for announcement this advisory article.

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