Nokia Pure View 808 Unveiled, With 41 Mega Pixel Camera

The Nokia Pure View 808 has been unveiled and its specifications have left a shock and awe effect on most people. While most specifications such as the processor, and so on are still a mystery it has been confirmed that the Nokia Pure View 808 will have a 41 Mega Pixel Camera.

Here is some more info on the camera. It uses Carl Zeiss lenses. It shoots at 7728px X 5354px(16:9) or at 7152px X 5368(4:3). The working is based on a process called by Nokia as over-sampling where almost real life images are produced by making use of the Graphics Processor along with the camera to use Algorithm and produce more sharp and clear images.

The phone can zoom up to 6x without much loss of picture quality. The Nokia Pure View 808 is priced at €450  which is about Rs. 30,000 without including taxes and such.

The sad part is that the phone is not as slim as recent Nokia phones such as the Lumia 800 and also it is running Symbian.

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