Disable Metro UI Start Screen In Windows 8

Windows 8 is the best Windows Operating System ever released for many reasons such as the better Metro Interface, Useful Modifications made to Windows Explorer and Windows Task Manager, Fast Installation and Start Up and Of Course the more universal accessibility as the same OS may soon be running on a lot of tablets in the market. But the Metro UI, especially the Start Screen has annoyed a lot of veteran users. Well if you too want to get rid of it then you can do so by following this simple tutorial. Here is a simple tool that helps you to Disable or Bypass the Metro Start Screen and see the Desktop on Start Up just like in older versions of Windows. The process is very small and you can disable it in a matter of minutes. JoeX@MDL is the developer of this simple yet very useful application.
  1. First thing you need to do is make sure you are Logged In as an Administrator. After that download Classic Starter from here.
  2. Next just extract all the files in it. Then Run Classic Starter as Administrator. You can do it by Right Clicking the application and then selecting Run as Administrator.
  3. Now just click on Logon To Classic Desktop. That's it. Next time you Login you will be seeing the Desktop instead of the Metro Start Screen.
  4. To go back to Metro Start Screen view on Start Up run the application again and then Click on Logon to Metro Desktop.
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