How To Install Siri On Any iOS Device

Siri has been generating quite a lot of buzz for Apple ever since she/it has been introduced into iOS. Sadly all iOS devices don't officially have Siri but there are a lot of talented developers out there and they have found ways to get Siri up and running on iOS Devices that do not support Siri as yet. Without further delay here is how you can install Siri on your Non iPhone 4S Device. It will work on any iOS Device.

Here is how you can Install Siri On any iOS Device.
  1. Firstly you will need a device that is already Jail-broken. If it isn't you cannot continue this tutorial. This tutorial should help you to do it in case you already haven't jail-broken your iOS Device.
  2. Next go to Cydia and download and install i4Siri and also install Spire Tweak.
  3. Open i4Siri and go to Settings then General then Siri. In the settings menu find Spiral Tab then enter this
  4. Now just visit this link and install the certificate.
That's it. You can now you have successful Installed Siri on your iOS Device. If you have any doubts then feel free to comment.

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