Root Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 Easily

This tutorial covers how to root Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 and also how to unroot the Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001. The process is just like any other rooting where you ave to copy a .zip file into your SD Card and then apply the update in recovery mode. Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S Plus can come with its share of problems such as sometimes causing data loss so it is highly recommended to back up all data before rooting. This method has been tried and works fine on most such devices. Rooting can also cause warranty to become voided because Samsung Warranty like any other company's does not allow the user permission to interfere with system files and making changes to the firmware. But not to worry you can get back your Warranty by Unrooting your Galaxy S Plus. To begin just follow the below instructions. 

How To Root/Unroot Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001

  1. First thing you need to do is make sure that USB Debugging is switched on. If you are not sure head on Down to Settings then Applications then Development and make sure that USB Debugging is enabled. 
  2. Next depending on whether you want to root or unroot download the root update or unroot update .zip file.
  3. Next thing you need to do is copy this onto your Device SD Card. Then unplug your device.
  4. Next you need to enter into recovery mode. To do so press and hold Power and Home Button together. Once you are in Recovery Mode you can navigate with Volume Up and Down Keys.
  5. Navigate to install zip from SD Card and select the corresponding root or unroot zip file that you copied in step 2. Wait for the process to finish. That's it.
Now your phone is rooted or unrooted depending upon the update you chose to copy. If you have any doubts feel free to comment.

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