Adobe Illustrator C S6 New Features

Adobe Illustrator C S6 brings many new features to the already awesome Adobe Illustrator arsenal. As the full software is not yet out to the public now we cannot be really sure of all the new features are. And the public Beta is still only a rumor and official there has been no news that there will even be an Adobe Illustrator C S6 Public Beta. The only real news that is currently on the web is that Adobe has released some Sneak Previews of the Adobe Illustrator C S6 new features through videos on their Youtube page.

The newest features include the pattern creation tool which can really help speed along pattern designing in Adobe Illustrator and also help beginners in creating pattern which are repeating seamlessly. You can check out the video Sneak Preview of the pattern creation tool below.

Also the next tool which is even more awesome that this one is the gradients on stroke. Although similar stuff can be done on previous version of Adobe Illustrator using Expanded Strokes and then applying gradients of if necessary gradient meshes, this tool helps speed along the process. You can check out its preview below.

Sadly this is all the news we have for now. For more information on new features of Adobe Illustrator C S6 subscribe to our RSS Feed or stay in touch on Google Plus. 

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