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Perhaps responding to the news that Nokia has fallen behind Apple as the leading smartphone manufacturer worldwide, the head of the design department at Nokia – Marko Ahtisaari - has assured users of Nokia phones that the company is determined to create a mobile handset which will render all others on the market – including the iPhone – practically obsolete. The head of Nokia Design was being interviewed by a website based in Finland (called Kauppalehti), when he made the remarks and he further indicated that he was unimpressed with the interfaces available on the phones currently available on the market. Ahtisaari referred to the present conception of mobile phone interfaces as being ‘outdated’ which suggests that the company has plans for radical redevelopment and innovation in this area, aimed at completely altering the way in which the users of Nokia phones interact with their mobiles. 

Ahtisaari gave some hint of what he may have in mind with these remarks, at Le Web last year, when he indicated that he thought that the future of mobile phones would involve not heads down staring at the screen, but heads up – possibly meaning a heads up display (HUD) to which content is piped – a concept that a number of major companies, including both Microsoft and Google appear to be trying to develop at the moment. Ahtisaari did not give details of what these future plans for Nokia phones are, but he did give clear indications that the company is developing plans that it hopes will steal this initiative back from Apple – something which is likely to require some serious innovation if they are to achieve it. This will be welcome news to loyal users of Nokia phones and to anyone interested in the benefits that everyone derives from healthy competition and who has been disappointed by the recent failure of Nokia to keep pace with Apple mobile phones.

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