Best ICS ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S2 GTI9100

Are you tired of the stock ICS ROMs on Samsung Galaxy S II? Then you should check out these ROMs which have a lot more to offer than the usual stock Firmware. The ROMs listed here are just some of the few ROMs that I think are the best ICS ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S2 and are also very stable and smooth. For installing these ROMs you should be having a rooted S2 preferably on latest firmware and with Clockwork Mod Recovery Installed. If you do not have those necessary conditions then I suggest you root your Galaxy S2  from the linked post. The mentioned post is for installing a rooted version of the XWLP8 firmware with Clockwork Mod recovery. Without further talk let us get straight to the list.


MIUI ROM is arguably the best looking ROM, it is not very stable as you will be able to tell on using it but I does offer a visual experience that sets it apart from all the other ROMs.

For some users this ROM may not be the best option as it can get on your nerve because of its many bugs. Anyway if you are just looking for a good looking ROM then I suggest you install it from here.

Cyanogen Mod 9

Cyanogen Mod 9 is also not actually completely bug free but it is faster and more stable than MIUI ROM and it is by far much more popular among users. It does lack a certain charm that the MIUI ROM has but the great thing about Cyanogen Mod is that newer versions are frequently available in the official website and you can download them and install them.

Check them out from here. Make sure you look at the nightly builds as the stable Build right now is CM 7 which is not ICS based.

Hydrogen ICS

This ROM has recently become very popular. It is based on Android 4.0.4 and the developers claim it be very fast and very stable. We already did a post on how to Install Hydrogen ICS on the Samsung Galaxy S2 which you can view from here for more details on the ROM.

It is definitely one of the stronger contenders for the title of best ICS ROM for the Galaxy S2 but it is better if you decide after using it.

Lite'ning ROM

This is another ROM which is quite fast and also stable that you may want to check out, which also does not have many bugs. It is also one of the more popular ROMs in XDA and you can get it from here.

If you have any personal favorites that you thing should be here please comment.

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