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Getting More votes on Social Book Marking Sites can really help boost traffic on a site. Of course it is best when you get the votes naturally from your readers but when it doesn't happen you can't give up. There are many easy ways to get more votes. Of course these votes have a great deal of importance. For example consider the +1 button on your blog home page. Whenever someone +1s your home page it gets a higher preference in Google Search Results for not only that person but also anyone who has the person in his/her circles. If you have a relatively new blog on a very competitive niche then you will need these advantages to outrank popular sites in Search Results in at least a few people's Results.

The first way is to emphasis on Interacting with the site such as asking to Like your site at the end of a post or follow you on Twitter. Also make sure that your Social Media buttons are accessible and load fast. Many sites have buttons that load slowly or on slow connections don't load at all.

Quality. You need to deliver to your readers what they want. Consider you write a tutorial without making sue of the correctness of the process or skipping some part of the procedure. People who may not be familiar with such processes or may not have previous experience may get confused and leave your site. If the tutorial is wrong or doesn't work then it is all the more problematic. Luckily there isn't any way readers can give your site a negative feedback that Google can understand. Anyway you do need to be reliable to your readers.

Next is a Social Bookmarking votes exchanging site that allows you to get more likes +1s followers and stuff. Of course it is not as great as getting them from readers but it can cause some good increase in traffic. The site users are not that active as the site is not really all that popular, but you can get up to 50 +1s and possibly a lot more Likes and Followers from the site daily. The site allows you to get votes in exchange of points you gain by voting on others' links. The exchange system is not that fair and also there are only few active users which is a serious downfall of this site.

The invite only policy of the site is not really a problem as you will get an invite after 10 minutes of requesting one which is great.

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