How To Delete Google Play Search History

Google Play is the new name of Google's extremely popular market place for Android Apps. Over time and heavy use the Google Play history can get cramped and you will be getting a lot of Google's guesses from your history each time you search for something. If you want to get rid of this all you have to do is just clear the Google Play Search History. It is pretty much straight forward and can be done from the Google Play App settings in no time.

  1. Open Google Play. Its not really necessary to have the latest version of Google Play but in case you don't here is a link to the Google Play 3.5.16 apk.
  2. Once you complete step 1 which is just updating, which isn't really necessary Go to Settings in Google Play.
  3. Now just click on Clear Search History as shown in the image below.

Well that's pretty much it. You have cleared your Google Play Search History.

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