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Some Developers have found a way to get MetroUI experience on the Asus Eee Transformer. It is working all Android Tablets and can be installed easily on a rooted Android Tablet. It is supported on ICS and Honey Comb. It is still not exactly like WP 7 but it is the best experience you can get on an Android Tablet. Installing MetroUI on any Android Tablet just requires you to root it and then flash a .zip file in Recovery mode. It can be installed on all Android Tablets running Honey Comb and ICS such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Asus Eee Transformer.

This is what the developer had to say.
What is it?

This theme allows you to make your homescreen look like the windows 8 metro. It also themes your notifications pannel and taskbar to fit with the MetroUI.

What is it compatable with?
This Theme uses Villain Theme Installer so it is compatible with all ROMs

Whats to come?

My website is brand new and still in beta so i shall be working on it to clear out any bugs.

I shall add tutorials on how to customize more of the theme like the widgets.

More Widgets.

Any other Bug fixes

This theme is now compatible with all android tablets !
Please Note:
This theme wass originally designed by me or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and to be flashed through CWM. However features are lost with Villain and so in the Tiles zip in the downloads section of my website.

If your tab for any reason goes into a bootloop just flash your ROM again without wipeing anything and it will go back to how you had it.
You can download the MetroUI for your tablet from the developer's site. The instructions to install are also given very clearly. 

Send Ayush Chand+ an email.

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