Root HTC One V in FastBoot

The HTC One V is one of HTC's  recently released beasts which have amazing features and great specifications. If you want to use your device to its full potential you need to root it as any experienced Android User knows. Rooting the HTC One V is simple and is done with SuperBoot. You need to first Unlock your device's boot-loader first to root it. This tutorial explains how to Root HTC One V on Windows, Mac and Linux.

  1. First thing you need to do is Unlock the Bootloader which can be done from the HTCdev site.
  2. Next you need to download the files for the rooting procedure from here.
  3. Next turn off your phone and then Turn it on into Bootloader mode. You can do so by pressing the power button while holding the Volume Down button. Now just enter into Fastboot from here.
  4. Now just plug it into your PC, Mac or Linux system and then:
    If you are on Windows : Just Run the .bat file you downloaded.
    If you are on a Mac : Enter the command "chmod +x"  and then "./" in terminal.
    If you are on a Linux System run the same commands in terminal replacing mac with Linux.
  5. Now just wait for the procedure to finish and that's it.
Now you have successfully Rooted your HTC One V. If you have any doubts feel free to comment.

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after all i did following this instruction, Android Commander says thah my phone has root, i can rewrite files in system etc. but when some app want root system doesn’t give it ot him, it’s just say “system deny to root”
what the hell this may be? as i know there must be some window with question to give this app root or not, but there isn’t any of that. What can i do?

April 25, 2012 at 10:00 AM comment-delete
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