Root Samsung Galaxy S II GTI9100 on XWLP8 Firmware

Samsung Galaxy S II GTI9100 has received its Android 4.0.3 update with the new XWLP8 firmware. Here is a quick tutorial on how you can root the XWLP8 Firmware and also install Clockwork Mod Recovery on it. The rooted firmware that can be installed with Odin comes with Clockwork Mod Recovery. Without much more delay by beating about the bush on details let us get right to the tutorial.

  1. The first thing you need to do is get the necessary files for the process. First download the XWLP8 rooted firmware with Clockwork Mod Recovery. Next also download Odin which you will need for the updating process.
  2. The XWLP8 firmware is a .tar file which does not have to be extracted or anything just leave it as it is for use in the next steps. If you have any data on your phone prepare necessary backup as you may need to Wipe Data in case the process fails for you midway.
  3. Next enter your phone into Download Mode and plug it into your PC. You can enter download Mode by pressing and holding the Volume Down Home and Power Buttons.
  4. Now run Odin you should see a section in Odin turning yellow. Now just select PDA and select the .tar file for applying the update. Click Start and wait for the process to finish.
That's it. Now you have successfully installed the rooted XWLP8 firmware with Clockwork Mod Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy S 2 GTI9100. If you have any doubts about the procedure feel free to comment.

While you have the phone rooted and with ClockWork Mod recovery installed you may want to try out some ROMs which are fast and stable the Hydrogen ICS Rom from here.

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