Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 Review and Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket is a more expensive version of the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 as it has almost identical features with a couple of changes. This is a review of the Samsung Galaxy Pocket but it is also a comparison between the Galaxy Pocket and the Galaxy Y or Young. The design and build quality of the Galaxy Pocket S5300 feels better than the Galaxy Y as it does have a more attractive finish on the back unlike the Galaxy Y. The phone is still only a lower end budget phone and cannot be considered as anything more than that due to its poor specifications but a price of about Rs. 8100 what more can you expect from it.

The Operating System is still Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 but it should be modifiable soon as developers will soon make custom ROMs on the device that bring the ICS experience to the low end phone. The Camera is still the same 2 MP camera and does not have any change in the video quality from the Galaxy Y.

The only significant difference between the Galaxy Y and the Galaxy Pocket is the 3GB internal memory on the Galaxy Pocket as compared to the 200 MB on the Galaxy Y. But the 3GB seems to come at a reasonable price as the price difference between the Galaxy Y and the Galaxy Pocket is about Rs. 1100.

The design does have a significant variation which is the square home button on the Galaxy Y as opposed to the Rounded Edged Rectangular Button on the Pocket. The battery and other specifications such as the Network Capabilities are the same.

The Galaxy Pocket also has a similar 820 MHz processor as the Galaxy Y. The Galaxy Pocket is a bit smaller in terms of its dimensions and also losses a fifth of its screen size as compared to the Galaxy Y.

The Verdict:
The Galaxy Pocket is a budget phone and definetly not the Android Enthusiast. But if you are just looking for a device to provide a decent Android Experience but for a low price then this is definetly the phone for you.

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