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The Samsung Galaxy S III's exclusive S-Voice app is now available for everyone to use. The S-Voice app is not really anything like Siri and at the same time a lot like Siri. What I mean is that although it does have most of the functionality as Siri and does searches and stuff using Wolfram like Siri it does not really have the attitude and preset responses or even basic responses like Siri does. It does get repetitive when you ask questions that are not within the functionality of S-Voice. But it is still the best Voice Command accepting app for Android. Currently the app only works on ICS Devices and I do not think an all version supported S-Voice app will be out any time as most high performance smartphone can be installed in Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The ported one probably just an export of the S-Voice APK using Air Droid is now available and installing it is just like installing any third party application. Of course this is the real deal it is just that the APK is a ported one and cannot be downloaded off Play Store. To install S-Voice follow the instructions below.

  • Download S-Voice APK as a zip file from the link. Once you have it extract it to your ICS device SD Card.
  • You need to make sure that installing of third party applications has been allowed. To make sure it is just head on down to Settings and then Applications then Unknown Sources.
  • Now manually just browse to the location in your phone and select the APK. Now just follow the installation wizard to complete the installation process.
That's it. Now you have successfully installed S-Voice on your Android ICS Device. For more such useful Download tips subscribe to our RSS Feed or Add me to your circles on Google +.

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