How To Upload Files to Facebook Groups

Facebook has recently released a new feature that although not noticed by most users will be handy for many others. Now users can upload files to groups for sharing with other members of the group. Facebook allows to upload files to groups which are less than 25 MB only so you can't exactly share huge files but you can do that on Hotfile or Dropbox. The files uploaded can be of many formats excluding .exe files and some others. In case you haven't already seen the Upload Button or no used it yet then here is how you can do it.

To upload files to Facebook Groups:

  1. Open the group page of any group that has uploading of files enabled by the administrator. Next just click on upload file.
  2. Now just browse and select the file to upload it and share.
This is not the only feature that Facebook has brought out. Now you can literally 'advertise' your posts on News Feed with Facebook Premium option. You can choose to pay an amount of $2.00 or so to make sure your update is seen on the top of News Feed by your Friends or Subscribers.

Not really sure if it is exactly necessary but might be useful in order to send some Urgent message across. 

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