Root Samsung Galaxy S III Acheived

A elite recognized developer Chainfire at XDA has remotely found out how to root the Samsung Galaxy S III. As per the developer rooting the Samsung Galaxy S III is not that difficult and rooting it is just like any other Android phone and it can be done by a skilled programmer in a few minutes. The rooted kernel is not out at the moment because it might out the person who leaked the kernel at risk but once the phone is out in the hands of a developer after the official release or once an untraceable kernel is available the rooted kernel will be available for public access.
Once the kernel is out to the public we will surely put the tutorial on how you can Root the Galaxy S III. Here are some screenshots of how chainfire achieved the root on the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Until the kernel is released there is nothing that we can do but surely the rooting process will be available immediately after a safe way to release it is found.

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