Watch Samsung Galaxy S III Unpacked Live Stream

The hottest smart phone launch of the season the Galaxy S III or the Next Galaxy is set to be released tonight and here are a couple of ways you can watch it online. The Unpacked event is available to be watched online in a few links including the stream by Samsung. Also Engadget and the Verge are also providing live streams of the event along with their teams their to make sure that Android fans everywhere do not miss out on anything that is part of the event. 

Here is a teaser trailer released by Samsung some time ago on the Galaxy S III for its fans and followers.

Without keeping you waiting any longer you can watch the event at the following links.

The NEXT GALAXY site has a live stream

Engadget and The Verge provides live streams also.

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is there any pic of the s3. can u lemme get more specs

May 4, 2012 at 4:36 AM comment-delete
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