Compudon Season II India Champions to be Announced Soon

Only a few more days to go, and then we’ll all see who are the top MS Office users in the country. On June 7, the final level of Compudon 2012 will take place, as students will compete for the top spot and a chance to win a sponsored tour to the global competition! The country winners will definitely get a reprieve as the global competition takes place on August 2.

Compudon, the official Microsoft championship to reward students who have mastered the flagship product, is an online assessment geared at testing the participants on their knowledge of the core Office software – MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. With Season I of Compudon India being a big success, the 2012 edition is going even stronger.
Apart from being a certification program, the Compudon exam is aimed at improving the awareness as well as overall quality standards among skilled executives of tomorrow. Because most people find it difficult to work with the advanced features of Excel, Word and PowerPoint in this professional careers, such initiatives are a good way to tackle the problem.
Participation in Compudon is either individually or through the respective school or college. While the 2012 exam is about to come to a conclusion, students wanting to test their skills can definitely apply for the 2013 exam very soon! While it’s possible to ace the test purely on the basis of self-study, the competitive environment afforded by training institutes is highly recommended.
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