Pico tts Alternative for Android

As you all know Android comes with Pico text to speech application as default. It's robotic like and boring speech is something I was worried about. Pico can be used to change text directly into speech as well as used in various applications like IRIS, the popular siri replacement for Android. If the default android voice is what you are looking to change, I have a good replacement for you.

Android pico tts replacement

Ivona is a High quality tts which makes you think that you are talking to a real person inside your phone. It is so life like that you will forget about Pico. Ivona is high quality, human speech like and available in different accents as well as different languages. Currently it is in the beta stages but sure it can be used. It makes voice activated apps so much better and fun to use. 

IVONA will read aloud on your Android:
* directions while driving with Google Navigation;
* e-books with apps like Book Speech and ReadBoox;
* SMS messages for safe driving with Handcent SMS, Drive Carefully, etc.;
* social news feeds like Facebook and Twitter with iHear Network;
* system menu with Spiel;
* and many other speech-enabled applications.

After Ivona is installed on your phone, you can select from variety of languages for your phone. The size is about 300MB. When the downloading is finished, go to settings and change the default pico tts to Ivona. Enjoy!

Download IVONA tts

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