Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Specifications

Recently some shots of the so-called Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has surfaced on the internet and here are what we have gathered about the new device. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is supposed to release in October 2012. The specifications of the Galaxy Note 2 are still only speculations but there are a few things we can be sure about. Samsung may be planning for domination in the smartphone market well at least the Android smartphone market with the Note 2 and the S III. The operating system will probably be Ice Cream Sandwich but if the Android fifth anniversary Nexus Devices some out before it we can expect Jelly Bean to be the operating system on the Galaxy Note 2.

Galaxy Note not Note 2.
As per leaked information the Note 2 should be having 2 GB or 1.5 GB RAM a Exynos 5250 chipset and a dual core processor, no quad core like the S III. It's screen is 0.2" larger than the note that is it has a 5.5" screen which is not really much of a difference and also it has a screen resolution of 1680x1050px.

The processor is believed to be a ARM-15 processor and the phone comes with 4G connectivity. When more information is available we will post it. But at the moment this is all that is available on the Galaxy Note 2.

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